Vertical packer for packing granular products

The vertical packing machine for packing granular products is used for packing products such as coffee beans, crystal sugar, cereals, flips, chips, hazelnuts, almonds, sesame, soybeans, raisins, sunflowers, rice, peanuts, seeds, corn, beans, wheat , frozen fruit and the like.

The machine can for three types of bags depending on the requirements:

The selected bag defines the configuration of the machine
The AVP series has a capacity of up to 30 bags/min depending on the size of the bag
The maximum width of the film is up to 420 mm
The collar/tube assembly determines the pouch size
The machine can have several collars, which means that different sizes of bags can be formed on the same machine
Quick and easy collar change to switch from one pouch format to another
A weighing system with electric scales EV is provided for the dosing of grainy products
The volume of the suction basket is adapted to the dosing product
Vibro conveyors extract the product from the suction basket and fill the containers that are supported by the measuring cells
When the set weight is reached, the vibro conveyors are switched off and the dosing flap is opened
Vibro tracks have the possibility of coarse and fine dosing (in the beginning, it is filled coarsely, i.e. quickly, but after reaching 90% of the dose, fine dosing continues, i.e. more slowly)

In order to ensure the dose within the limits, it is necessary to keep the level of the product in the intake basket constant. In addition to the AVP machine for grainy products, we also recommend the cassette conveyor KT with a vibrating feeder, which is used for auto-replenishment of the intake basket of the dosing system.

Management of the work process via PLC, with built-in SIEMENS HMI. The best materials ensure maximum quality and high accuracy. Accurate mechanical and electrical instructions.