Packaging of GRANULAR products in self-forming bags

Pouchmachine – Automatic vertical packer (AVP) for accurate, fast and efficient dosing of granular products and sealing in packaging

AVP – Doses, measures, makes bags, seals, prints batches and counts

AVP is a next-generation fully automated machine constructed from stainless steel and equipped with a servo drive. It is designed for primary packaging of grained products in self-forming bags, operating in either sequential or continuous mode. Work process control is facilitated through Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), encompassing dosing, measuring, bag formation, sealing, batch printing, and finished product counting. Sensor subsystems monitor all machine functions, and in line with Industry 4.0 standards, AVP features an online monitoring system enabling remote management and adjustment of customer production parameters.

Reliable packaging in pillow bags for the food industry

High precision, repeatability and reliability
Low operating costs with low energy consumption
Remote technical support
Products that are being packed:
Coffee beans, crystal sugar, cereals, flips, chips, hazelnuts, almonds, sesame, soybeans, raisins, sunflowers, rice, peanuts, seeds, corn, beans, wheat, frozen fruit, etc.
Branches of industry:
2.400 bags/h



A short time for adjusting the parameters – easy transition to packing other products in the same packaging


The machine can have several collars – by replacing the collar-tube assembly, the same or a different product is packed in a different type of bag


Provided service and spare parts for the entire working life of the machine + Possibility of remote intervention (control, adjustment).

Key characteristics

Packaging– Cushioned with falta
– A pillow case
– Stabilo bag
The machine is set up for thermal welding of paper foils and packaging materials (monofilms), different bags:
Bags and foils
Bags and foils– Maximum foil width 420 mm
The size of the bag is determined by the collar/tube assembly
Different bag sizes can be formed on one machine (with different collar/tube assembly). Quick and easy collar change to change from one pouch format to another
CapacityUp to 40 bags/minThe capacity of the machine is the number of dosed and sealed bags per minute. It depends on the size of the bag
DozingWeighing system with electric scales EVVibro tracks have the possibility of coarse and fine dosing. In the beginning, it fills coarsely/fast, but after reaching 90% of the dose, fine/slower dosing continues
Suction basketThe volume of the suction basket is adapted to the dosing productVibro conveyors extract the product from the suction basket and fill the containers that are supported by the measuring cells. After reaching the set weight, the vibro conveyors are switched off and the flap that performs dosing is opened.
Function controlFilm withdrawal, heating temperature, execution of functions, etc.All the functions performed by the machine are monitored by the corresponding sensor subsystem.
Optional equipment
Optional equipmentCassette conveyor KT with vibro-feeder (for automatic filling of the suction basket)It is necessary to keep the product level in the suction basket constant, for the sake of dose precision
Maximum quality and high accuracy – The best materials and built-in components
High nominal power
Built-in SIEMENS HMI – process management via PLC
Built-in sensor subsystems – monitoring machine functions
Minimal downtime – availability of spare parts, remote control of the machine
Modularity – quick and easy replacement of parts when switching to another format
Fast cleaning due to excellent accessibility – Minimal maintenance costs
Accurate mechanical and electrical instructions + material certificates.

The automatic vertical packing machine AVP is intended for the formation of pillow-shaped bags with three seams

  • The bag is formed by pulling the foil over the collar assembly using a servo-motorized crawler mechanism
  • By transverse and longitudinal welding of the resulting hose, the bag gets its final shape and dimension
  • The bag welding mechanism is powered by a servo motor drive mechanism.
  • All elements in contact with the product being packed are made of chrome steel
  • The operation process of the machine is managed by a computer PLC + HMI (touch panel)
  • Through the HMI commands are given and their execution is monitored
  • Main units of the vertical packer: film pulling mechanism, film guiding mechanism, bag cross welding mechanism, bag longitudinal welding mechanism, bag cutting mechanism, inner frame, outer frame, pneumatic installation and control electronics, el. cupboard
  • The product to be packaged is inserted by the auto-replenishment system into the hopper of the appropriate dosing system
  • Dosing is done with a dispenser designed according to the specified type of product
  • One set of collar/pipe for one bag size is supplied with the automatic vertical machine, and for other bag sizes according to agreement

Main modules

Cassette conveyor for automatic filling

Automatic replenishment of the dosing system, material transport by an endless belt with partitions to the required height; Automation connected to the machine

Foil pulling mechanism over the collar

The bag is pillow-shaped with three seams, with or without a falta; The bag is formed by pulling the foil over the collar assembly using a servo-motorized crawler mechanism

Bag welding and forming system

By transverse and longitudinal welding of the resulting foil hose, the bag gets its final shape and dimension; The drive of the bag welding mechanism is servo-motorized

Dosing system – by weight El. Scales

The measuring container is connected to an electronic measuring cell, which measures the weight of the dosed mass. At the moment when the set dose is reached, the dosing is switched off and the flap is opened

Other standard modules of the AVP machine: Support structure, Mechanism for correcting the film path, Vibro feeder, Collar assembly for another bag size, Turntable, Remote support…

Optional elements for the AVP machine: CHECKWEIGHER for checking the mass of dosed bags, System for introducing inert gas, Mechanism for forming folds, Mechanism for aligning the bottom of the bag, Output conveyor, Inkjet printer…

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