Monoblock – Automated flexible system for packaging POWDER forms

A reliable system for dosing powder products, transporting bottles and closures, placing/closing closures, labelling, laserjet and process inspection

Monoblock for dosing, closing and labeling packaging

Monoblock is a compact, fully automatic, multi-purpose rotating system made of stainless steel and plexiglass, designed according to the GMP standard for packaging pharmaceutical POWDER products, in bottles of various sizes and shapes, with screw or lace closures. All parts in contact with the product are made of FDA-approved materials and are supplied with appropriate certificates. In the context of Industry 4.0, it has an online monitoring system for managing or adjusting the customer’s production parameters remotely.

Reliable packaging in bottles, primarily for the pharmaceutical industry

Flexibility (quick and easy switching to another format)
Stability (high precision and repeatability)
Ergonomics (constant visual control of all stages of the process)
Products that are packed:
Medicines, pharmaceutical products, etc.
Branches of industry:
3.000 bottles/hr



The machine is certified to work in the pharmaceutical industry according to the strictest standards


Provided service and spare parts + remote control and interventions (during the entire working life)


Parameters can be adjusted and/or saved via the operation panel

Key characteristics

ParameterCharacteristic Description
Packagingfrom 10 mlPVC or glass bottles
Product that is being packedPowdery materialMedicines, pharmaceutical products, etc.
DozingScrew dispenserThe drive of the screw dispenser is a servo motor
Receiving basketWith a mixerMaintains product level and structure
Installation of shutterPick-and-place (in passing)Transport, installation and closing
Closing the shutterWith detection of the closing momentWith the servo motor
Function controlWith built in SIEMENS HMIManagement of the work process via PLC
Capacity3.000 bottles per hourWith high dosing precision
Maximum quality and high accuracy – The best materials and components
Ergonomics – visual process control and easy access to machine parts
Built-in sensor subsystems – monitoring machine functions
Built-in SIEMENS HMI – process management via PLC
A wide selection of marking methods, or direct printing
Process standardization – achieving higher levels of efficiency and quality
Modularity – quick and easy replacement of parts when switching to another format
Modularity – quick and easy replacement of parts when switching to another format

  1. Module for rejecting incorrect bottles
  2. Mass or magnetic meter – In the basic version, dosing is by piston pumps, volumetric principle
  3. Weight control system – measures the empty bottle at the entrance and the filled bottle at the exit, with feedback for dosage correction (checkweighing)
  4. Inspection system – for correct placement of the closure and inspection of the presence of the label and print of the Ink Jet printer (with a mechanism for rejecting incorrect bottles)
  5. Monitoring system (online access to remote machine control systems)
  6. Integrated labeling station
  7. Ink jet printer
  8. Station for rinsing with inert gas
  9. Infeed table – for automatic filling of empty packaging
  10. Collection table – for the finished product
  11. Validation documentation of IQ and OQ

Usual monoblock content

Mechanism for step positioning

The supporting structure carries the other modules of the monobloc line. The movement of the bottles in the carousel is circular-stepping; The machine comes with one carousel star assembly for one bottle format

Automatic Screw dispenser

The screw dispenser drive is a servo motor; the dosing principle is volumetric (defined volume); the lifting and lowering of the packaging are performed by an inverter step motor.

A system for selecting and setting shutters

In the drum, the selection and orientation of the shutter is carried out using the vibro module; Transport by positioning guide; The photocell detects the presence of the shutter

System for twisting the threaded shutter

The screwing process includes lowering the head down, screwing the shutter with the specified torque and returning the head to the initial position; The shape of the head corresponds to one fastener

Other standard elements of the monoblock: Supporting structure, Transport system (input-output conveyor), Weight control system (measures the empty bottle at the input and the filled bottle at the output) with feedback for dosing correction (checkweighing), Remote support…

Compatible elements with the monoblock: Vacuum system for product transport into the hopper, Control and rejection of improperly dosed jars, Labeling system with a transport system, Inkjet printer, Infeed table – for automatic replenishment of empty packaging, Accumulation table – for finished product…

© Monoblock for filling, measuring and closing powder products- Hemofarm, Šabac

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