Semi-automatic packaging machines in various industries

Almost any of the connected machines in automatic lines can operate as semi-automatic with auxiliary manual actions of the operator

Produced in a professional version, with certificates for the components used, in accordance with EU standards

Manufacturers of components that are installed in machines: Programmable controllers – Siemens.EU; HMI devices – Siemens.EU, Kinco; Protective elements (fuses, motor protection) – ABB, Eaton; Servo drivers – Schneider Electric, Siemens; Frequency regulators – Schneider Electric, Danfoss; Sensors – Balluff; Buttons, switches, indicators – EATON, Schneider Electric; Electric motors – Siemens.EU; Reducers (permanently lubricated) – Motovario.EU; Bearings and guides – INA or SKF; Pneumatics – Camozzi and Festo; Prochrome materials – Krupp (with certificate); Screws, snap fasteners – Wurth.EU



The compact construction allows installation and operation in a room of smaller dimensions


Quick return on investment + Minimal downtime (service and spare parts provided)


Quality materials + modern construction with easy replacement of parts

Semi-automatic (SA) machines:

SA Powder dispenser

OMNIWEIGHT – Semi-automatic machine with a screw feeder and weight-based dosing (version with a two-part hopper)

Name::OMNIWEIGHT with auger dispenser and weighing – Advanced version with two-part basket
Type of product:Food powder product
Used for:Dosing powder products into jars and bottles
Capacity of dosing:20g – 1 Kg
Capacitymin 250 pcs/h (for bottles of 250g), 2000 bottles of 250g for a shift of 8 hours of work
Precision:At the gram level (eg 243g, 425g, 672g)
Process management + screw rotation speed regulation
performed by a microprocessor unit
Setting parameters:On the SIEMENS “touch-display”: doses, dose counter, indication for the start of the next cycle, etc
Material:Stainless steel AISI 304 (parts in contact with the product)Supporting structure painted in RAL 9007 color
Screw diameter:Ø 30 mm (or adapted to the opening of the packaging)
Dosing basket volume:15l
Dimensions::800 x 1000 x 1620 mm
Optional: Electronic weighing cell (HBM), Screw conveyor for automatic filling of PA dispensers, Bracket for placing packaging during dosing

SA Dispenser for granules

OMNIWEIGHT – Semi-automatic machine for weight-based dosing with an electronic scale and vibratory system

Name:OMNIWEIGHT for weighing with electronic scale and vibration system
Product type:Granular products:
Used for:Dosing into prepared packaging of piece, granular and fine-grained products
Dose size:100 ÷ 500g
Capacity:up to 10 cycles/min
Precision:upon reaching 90% of the dose, the coarse path is switched off and only the fine path continues to work
Process managment:the microprocessor unit performs: regulation of the power and intensity of vibrations, coarse and fine dosing, the moment of activation of the pneumatic valve…
Setting parameters:It is performed on a Siemens TD 200 display
Material:Stainless steel AISI 304 (parts in contact with the product)
Supporting structure painted in RAL 9007 color
Dosing basket volume:50l
Dimensions:2300 x 1280 x 915 mm mm
Optional: Cassette conveyor for automatic filling of the suction basket, Vibro feeder for automatic feeding of the cassette conveyor, Pneumatic welder for bags

SA Filler with 2 dosing points

Semi-automatic machine for dispensing liquid forms into CANISTERS

Used for:Packaging of liquid products in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries
Product that is being packed::Motor oil or anything of that sort
Capacity:300 – 400 kan./h (calculated on 10l capacity)
Dosing precision:± 0.2 %
Dosing type:Mass flow meters
Bottle sorting:Manaul
Packaging type:PET, PE canisters from 10 i 20l
Raising the dosing tube:Fired with raising the liquid level in the canister
Preventing possible drippingPneumatically operated tub mechanism
Material:Stainless steel AISI 316 L (vessel in contact with the product) with a surface polished to a mirror fineness Ra< 0.8 µm
Stainless steel AISI 304 (bearing structure)
Optional: PA Sealer for closing canisters with transport system, Roller conveyor, Pumps as part of the dosing system, Transport system of the sealer

SA Capping machine

Semi-automatic capper for bottles and canisters

PhasesCapping Process
Container positioningThe operator places the filled container with the cap in place on the conveyor system, which brings it to the capping head.
CappingFurther closing process is done automatically:
Once the packaging is in position, the closing process is initiated thanks to a servo mechanism, which ensures consistent and reliable closing, meeting the highest quality standards in every cycle
Removing the packaging from the machineClosed bottles/canisters are removed manually
Repeating the processA new cycle begins by placing the next bottle/canister with the cap in place.

SA Filler with 2 dosing points

Semi-automatic machine for dispensing liquid forms into BOTTLES

Dosing systemMass/magnetic flowmeters, or servo-driven piston pumps
The volume of the bottle100ml – 3l
MaterialAISI 316, stainless steel
Capacityup to 600 bottles/hour
Dosing points2
Bottles postioioningManual
Movement of nozzlesProgressive
Buffer tankintegrated with the machine’s dosing system
Optional: Integration with a capping machine, with manual cap placement

SA Labeler for canisters

Semi-automatic capper for bottles and canisters

Used for::Sticking self-adhesive labels (rolled up) on both sides of the canister, in automatic mode
Product that is being labeled:10 and 20L canisters
Operation description:The main horizontal conveyor brings the canisters into the labeling position; The heads unroll the roll with labels, the labels are separated from the carrier paper and stuck on the packaging; The transporter brings the packaging to iron on the label. (Empty carrier paper is rolled into a roll which is later discarded)
Packaging detector:There is a photo cell in the system that detects the presence of packaging immediately before sticking the label.
Label type:Self-adhesive, on a roll
Label roll diameter:max 300 mm
Label height:max 200 mm
Labeling head speedfrom 1 up to 30 m/min
Conveyor drive:Electric motor reducer
Installed power:2.5 kW
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SA Line for creams

Semi-automatic machine for the preparation and dosing of cream forms

Name:Mixer homogenizer MH60 and semi-automatic dispenser with two dosing points + mass recirculation system
Product type:Creamy products
Used for:Preparation, dosing and packaging of cosmetic products
Maximum capacity of one batch50l
Packaging typePET, PE, glass jars
Line capacity:500 jars-bottles/hr
Processing:Mixer homogenizer for semi-solid forms 60l
Dosing:Piston dispenser with 2 dosing places (servo drive for fast/precise positioning and dosing)
Loading bottles on the dispenser:Manual
Overpressure system:It enables the emptying of the container and pouring of the homogenized product without an additional pump, using the overpressure in the container
Optional: Mass recirculation system (Panel PC + Siemens PLC controller, the possibility of selecting the machine’s operating mode, starting the operating mode, testing and displaying the status of subsystems, real time production monitoring, user access control, as well as memorizing all operating parameters and operating modes over time ) + Software (unites all system components into a functional unit and enables easy management), Audit trail (security system for chronological data storage),

SA Line for paste

Semi-automatic machine for dispensing pastes and closing tubes

Name:Mixer homogenizer MH15L and semi-automatic dispenser (united on a common mobile table, controlled via one 10″ display) + Tube welder
Used for:Preparation, dosage and packaging of dog food paste
Mixer capacity:15l
Job descriptionIn the mixer, the product is processed (homogenization, mixing, dispersing, etc.), which from there naturally falls into the dispenser and fills manually placed tubes, which are manually placed in the welder and automatically welded.
Homogenization:The mixing vessel is a duplicator, with a volume of 3 – 10 l, it is mixed with an anchor mixer and a colloidal mill. Water circulates through the casing of the vessel for reheating or subcooling the mixture.
Dosing:The dosing system is a piston pump with a rotary valve, dosing volume 30-200 ml, accuracy ±1%, capacity 500 doses/h
Closing the tube:The sliding support has 6 nests (3 for welding and 3 for preparation), the process is activated with a foot switch – they close the jaws, with a pneumatic cylinder, and weld with an impulse heater, Tube diameter up to 50 mm, Height up to 200 mm, Capacity up to 500 tubes/ h
Optional: Format parts for peeping another dimension of tubes (set pd 6 nests)

SA Machines tailored to customer specifications

Dispenser for suppositories

A device made for a customer of Benu Apoteka, the nest with the packaging is placed manually, and the dosing is automatic
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The shutter

Bočica sa navojnim čepom se ručno postavlja ispod zatvaračice. Ciklus zatvaranja obavlja se automatski zadatim momentom.
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Coffee Dispenser

Kesa se postavlja ručno, komanda vrši papučicom, doziranje pužnim dozatorom + zavarivanje kesice uz ručno postavljanje >>> pogledajte video

The ketchup line

2 bottles at a time are manually placed under the dispenser, the closures are manually placed and screwed with the given moment (customer Vitaminka, Prilep)
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A self-propelled machine rotates around the object manually placed on the pallet, which wraps the foil around the object.
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