Reactors, Process vessels, Premix vessels

Process equipment that facilitates production for the customer, brings high profits with low investment and fast delivery

Environmentally and economically sustainable design, advanced technology, user-friendly operation, and long-lasting durability

Omniprojekt offers a complete range of preparation lines suitable for any technological process of pharmaceutical production: REACTORS (reactor vessels, pressure vessels), MIXING VESSELS (movable pressure vessels, for mixing), PREMIX VESSELS (mixing tanks with/without preheating and cooling ). Depending on the customer’s requirements, they are made in variants with or without heating and cooling devices.

Optional: Version placed on measuring cells, for measurement and accurate representation of the medium in the vessel; SCADA system for process system connection, automatic control and production monitoring + Development of software for SCADA system

Precise finishing and high-quality materials ensure aseptic pharmaceutical production in compliance with GMP standards

Quiet, economical and reliable operation
Easy to clean
Long operational lifespan
Products processed:
Liquid, creamy, powdery, etc. products
Industry branches:
Pharmacy, Construction, Chemistry, Scientific research, etc.
Reactors 200 – 1.000l; Vessels 15, 60, 120l



The compact construction allows installation and operation in a room of smaller dimensions


Quick return on investment + Minimal downtime (service and spare parts provided)


Quality materials + modern construction with easy replacement of parts


Product type:Solutions, Syrups, Suspensions
Used for:Production of liquid pharmaceutical products, with the possibility of easy washing and maintenance
Court:Vertical, with duplicator jacket for product tempering, designed without dead corners, polished mirror, geometry allows for easy cleaning and maintenance and complete emptying of the vessel
Capacity:200 – 1.000l
Mixer:Turbine (placed on the top of the vessel), Magnetic (placed on the bottom of the vessel)
Product tempering:Reactor vessel with duplicator jacket for indirect heating of the medium to a temperature of up to 95°C, cooling to 25°C
Temperature:It is measured with a probe (or thermometer), regulated by a PID regulator
Material:Stainless steel AISI 316 L (vessel in contact with the product) with a surface polished to a mirror fineness Ra< 0.8 µm
Stainless steel AISI 304 (bearing structure)
Court connectios:For complete emptying with butterfly valve, manometer, safety valve
Control:Controls and displays mounted on the court
Cleaning:Easy, equipped with two balls for CIP, for washing and rinsing dishes

Process vessels

Used for:Mixing pharmaceutical products according to the customer’s recipe
Court:With or without double jacket, with preheating system, temperature control up to 95°C and cooling system, with overpressure or vacuum
Capacity25l, 60l, or 120l
Mixers:Central mixer, Ram mixer, or Magnetic mixer (on the bottom of the bowl)
Vessel connectios:All connections are made with tri-clamp connections, with seals made of VITON®
Material:Stainless steel AISI 316 L (vessel in contact with the product) with a surface polished to a mirror fineness Ra< 0.8 µm
Stainless steel AISI 304 (bearing structure)
Standards:GMP compliant
Cleaning:Easy, equipped with two balls for CIP, for washing and rinsing dishes

Key characteristics

Easy to empty, because there are no “dead corners”
Maximum quality and high accuracy – The best materials and built-in components
All parts in contact with the product are made of acid-resistant AISI 316 L steel
Accessible for cleaning and rinsing dishes, equipped with two balls for CIP
Minimal downtime – availability of spare parts, remote control of the machine
Supporting structure made of acid-resistant stainless steel AISI 304
  • Measuring cells (for measuring and accurately displaying the medium in the vessel) + Integration with an automatic system for managing, controlling and monitoring the process
  • A magnetic stirrer placed at the bottom of the vessel
  • SCADA system for connecting the process system, automatic management and monitoring of production (The process system needs to be connected with a pipeline, and the whole system is part of the synoptic display on the SCADA system) + Development of software for the SCADA system
  • Mobile CIP system for washing process equipment
  • Steam generator and steam installation with valves
  • Vacuum system for transporting fine granular and powder forms

Parameters monitored/adjusted on the Process Management, Control and Monitoring System:

  1. The temperature in the vessel
  2. The temperature of the medium being treated
  3. Overpressure/Vacuum in vessel
  4. Mixer speed
  5. Mill speed

Our process equipment can be designed and manufactured according to the actual needs of customers

Our process equipment has heating, automatic temperature control, heat preservation and mixing functions. Our customers are most satisfied with the advantages of fast heat transfer, adjustment of a large temperature difference and practical cleaning.

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Compact machine for dispensing viscous products in a warm state, into a bag with 4 seals that is automatically formed during packaging


Vacuum mixing, dispersion and homogenization up to 120 liters.
Process machine made of stainless steel, for vacuum mixing, dispersion and homogenization, from light-liquid to pasty media.

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