Packaging of POWDER forms in bags – for large and small business

Unipak – Compact machine for dosing powder products, into a bag with 4 seals (SACHET) that is automatically formed during packaging

Unipak – dosing and packaging in 4-pack bags

Unipak is a highly efficient, fully automatic machine constructed from stainless steel, designed for economical packaging of powdered products into self-forming bags with four seals (SACHET), with maximum dimensions of 150 x 200 mm. The work process is managed via a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), encompassing dosing, measuring, bag formation, sealing, batch printing, and counting of the finished product. All machine functions are monitored by sensor subsystems, and in accordance with Industry 4.0 standards, Unipak features an online monitoring system for remote management and adjustment of customer production parameters.

Reliable packaging of powder forms in various branches of industry

Flexibility (quick and easy switching to another format)
Stability (high precision and repeatability)
Long service life (20 years on average)
Products to be packed:
Vanilla sugar, baking powder, pharmaceutical products, etc.
Branches of industry:
Pharmacy, Nutrition, Cosmetics, Chemistry, etc.
6.000 pouches/hr



The compact construction of the machine allows installation and operation in a room of smaller dimensions


Quick return on investment + Guaranteed service and spare parts (during the entire working life)


Quality materials + modern construction with minimal replacement of parts

Key characteristics

Number of columnsSimplex (1 bag in column)
Duplex (2 bags in a column)
Packing is possible in 1 or 2 collumns
Pouch formationFrom 2 rolls of laminated foils (which are welded by heating)Max dimenzije rolne: Širina 160 mm, Prečnik 400 mm
CapacityUp to 6.000 pcs/hr (Duplex)
Up to 1.800 pcs/hr (Simplex)
30-50 cycles/min, depending on the type of foil and the length of the bag
Screw dispenser PDTC with 1 tube (Simplex), or 2 tubes (Duplex)The drive of the screw dispenser is a servo motor
Sleep basketThe volume of the hopper is 10 lAutomatic maintenance of constant product level
Function controlWith built-in SIEMENS HMIManagement of the work process via PLC
Maximum quality and high accuracy – The best materials and built-in components
High rated power
Built-in SIEMENS HMI – process management via PLC
Built-in sensor subsystems – monitoring machine functions
Minimal downtime – availability of spare parts, remote control of the machine
Modularity – quick and easy replacement of parts when switching to another format
Fast cleaning due to excellent accessibility – Minimal maintenance costs
Accurate mechanical and electrical instructions + material certificates.

  1. System for weight control – Control system for rejecting incorrect bags (checkweighing)
  2. Monitoring system (online access to remote machine control systems)
  3. Ink jet printer
  4. Easy to open
  5. Thermal printer
  6. Metal detector
  7. Output conveyor – for the finished product
  8. Device for automatic filling of suction basket – Horizontal auger HP, or auger conveyor PT
  9. Validation documentation of IQ and OQ

Main modules

Basic machine

It can be simplex or duplex; It consists of a supporting structure, a mechanism for carrying the roll and introducing the foil and a system for forming the bag (mechanism for transverse welding, a tool for vertical cutting and a mechanism for transverse cutting of the bag)

Dosing system – Screw dispenser

The drive of the auger is a servo motor, while the hopper has an independent electric drive; Automation allows adjustment of the rotation speed of the screw and the braking force; The size of the dose is determined by the screw angle

Output conveyor

It is intended for the transport of packed bags; It consists of a base, a conveyor belt and an electric drive; It has an adjustable tilt angle; The construction allows for complete mobility; The control is connected and synchronized with the base machine

Other elements of the Unipak machine: Protective Plexiglas cabinet with safe micro switch, Screw conveyor for auto-replenishment of the suction basket, Monitoring system for remote monitoring and adjustment…

Modules compatible with the Unipak machine (optional): “eazy open” bag cutting system, CHECKWEIGHER weight check system, Industrial INK JET printer…

© Unipak DUPLEX machine for powder in bags 4 var – Medicodomus, Niš
© Unipak machine for powders in 4 bags – Medicodomus, Niš

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