Omniprojekt is among the most successful companies in Serbia

Selected individuals and companies registered in the territory of the Republic of Serbia were awarded plaques with awards for achieved results in various economic activities.

Belgrade, November 21, 2022 – In the Crystal Hall of the Hyatt Regency Belgrade Hotel, the Symposium of Successful Businessmen of Serbia was held, which was attended by representatives of domestic companies, the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce and reputable scientific and research institutions. On that occasion, selected individuals and companies registered in the territory of the Republic of Serbia were awarded plaques with awards for the achieved results in various economic activities. Among the other laureates, Omniprojekt from Vrnjačka Banja received recognition for its contribution to the development of the mechanical industry in the category of small enterprises.

“Making great strides towards the achievement of all previous goals and tasks, including those yet to come, at Omniprojekt we adhere to the motto that the imperative of modern business is to be faster and better”, said Branko Babić, owner and director of Omniprojekt, during the presentation of the award. “At the same time, we pay special attention to the selection of young staff, equally dedicated to enriching their own knowledge, improving quality, with the already mentioned passion and commitment to the work they do. So far, this recipe has proven to be very successful.”

In small companies like Omniprojekt, the success of the business is primarily determined by management, where the owners are usually also the chief directors. In this sense, the example of Mr. Babić confirms the rule that everything depends on the owner, the chosen strategy, flexibility and improvisation… as a response to external pressures, in order to manage to maintain and successfully develop their own business, in the environment of large companies where there are clearly set rules, so and markets.

According to the results published by the APR, 13,172 small companies in Serbia submitted annual financial reports for 2021, which is 12.1% of the total number of companies in the country. With a total net operating result of 168.8 billion dinars. They participated with 19.5% in the total results of domestic companies. At the same time, with 333,356 employees, companies of this size contributed 26% to the entire workforce in Serbian companies. And finally, the total income of small businessmen increased to 3,940 billion dinars. (13.9%), and expenditures at 3,728 billion dinars. (14.1%).

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