Warsaw Pack International fair of packaging technology

At one of the largest fairs of its kind in Europe, Omniprojekt exhibits its most attractive machines: Automatic line for liquids (consisting of Monoblok for filling bottles, Automatic labeler, Robot for picking up labeled bottles and stacking them in secondary packaging), Monoblok for PVC and Aluminum tubes and Mixer-Homogenizer

Vrnjačka Banja, April 8, 2024 – Omniprojekt will participate in Warsaw Pak, the 9th trade fair for packaging and packaging technology, which will be held from 23-25 held in Warsaw, Poland in April 2024. At stand number E2.10, the latest machines will be presented, with which the Serbian leader wants to present himself as equal to European manufacturers of packaging equipment.

The Omniprojekt team consisting of Aleksandar Bubanja, technical director, Žarko Todorović, sales director, Stefan Milošković, machine bureau leader and Bojana Bošković, PR, will be available to visitors to answer all questions and provide necessary information about products and services.

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WarsawPak will be an excellent opportunity for Omniprojekt to compare and carefully analyze the offer on the Polish market of packaging machines. The event also provides an excellent opportunity to participate in industry conferences, workshops and congresses in terms of sharing market knowledge and showcasing the latest technologies.

VarshavaPak’s thematic scope includes companies dealing with packaging and packaging technologies, packaging and labeling machines, packaging materials and foils, marking and coding systems, logistics and warehousing services, innovative solutions in the field of packaging, process automation in the sector, testing and quality control in industry.

Warsaw Pak is the right investment for any entrepreneur who wants to expand the group of potential business partners, build a customer base and strengthen brand awareness in the market”.

Branko Babić

In addition to Omniprojekt, the world’s biggest brands will be among those present at the fair, such as OCEAN SYSTEMS, HG ROBOTICS, SPOLEKS, FILMAT, PAKOVARKA, FENIKS SYSTEMS, VEINDICH, Łukaszevicz, Green Tree, POLPAK, Pablo, AGJ, Intrek and AVM PAK.

“Not every business event has a chance to go through nine consecutive editions,” Žarko Todorović, Omniprojekt’s sales manager and one of the members of Omniprojekt’s delegation, told us. “To achieve this, you need proven business partners, properly selected target group, high-quality event profiling and creating perfect conditions for business integration. The ninth edition of the event will focus even more on networking and business integration.”

The ninth edition of the event will be even more focused on building international business relations. Therefore, it is worth opening up to new opportunities in the sector.

Warsaw Pack 2023.

Almost 20,000 participants from Poland and abroad visited the eighth edition of the Warsaw Fair, mostly entrepreneurs focused on international contracting, from Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Great Britain, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The eighth fair of packaging technology was held from April 18 to 20, 2023. It was a modern platform for discussing innovations in the industry and the next steps in its development. For most of the participants, establishing business relationships meant investing in development in new markets and expanding to less accessible target groups.

Warsaw Pak is an industry specialized event held at Ptak Warsaw Expo, the largest trade fair and convention center in Central Europe. In order to bring together all branches of the industry and create favorable conditions for professional business contacts, the IKS International Fair of Packaging Technologies and Finished Packaging enabled visitors and exhibitors to find potential business partners for their company.

The packaging and packaging technology industry is constantly changing along with the consumer and legal realities that affect it. More and more countries are opting for greener solutions, and customers are more aware of the need for environmentally sustainable choices. This is a big challenge for this sector. This, as well as innovations, trends and new technologies were discussed during the eighth edition of the Warsaw Package, which took place at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

A reliable system for liquid dispensing, bottle and cap transport, cap placement and closure, labelling, laserjet and inspection
A reliable system for dispensing creamy and pasty products, placing empty tubes and closing (welding, or lacing) plastic or metal (PE or Al) tubes
Compact machine for vacuum mixing, dispersion and homogenization of liquid, creamy, pasty and viscous forms in a warm state
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