Monoblock for packaging cream, pasty products and gels in small boxes

Capacity 1200 boxes/h for boxes depending on the viscosity of the cream. The dispenser is with a piston pump with a volume of 15-250 ml. The dosing principle is volumetric, that is. a defined volume is dosed. The piston pump is constructed via three clamp couplings, so it is easily disassembled and enables faster and easier maintenance.

Servo motor

The dispenser from the monobloc machine can be rotated and used as an independent device. The monoblock can be equipped with a device for automatic cutting and welding of Al foil or with induction welding of the foil if the foil is included with the box closure. Installation of shutters in the passage or installation with a cylinder, pick and place.


We suggest an appropriate system of orientation and selection of fasteners depending on the type of fastener. The closing of the shutter is done via a servo motor with the detection of the closing moment. All functions performed by the machine such as transport of boxes, closures, placement of closures, execution of functions, etc. are monitored by the corresponding sensor subsystem. Management of the work process via PLC, with built-in SIEMENS HMI. The best materials ensure maximum quality and high accuracy. Accurate mechanical and electrical instructions, material certificates. Quick and easy change of parts when switching from format to format.


  • Discarding incorrect bottles
  • The servo system on the carousel drive allows for greater flexibility, better performance, better functional control and reduced noise in the working enviroment
  • Labelling
  • Ink jet printer