Monoblock for liquid products

Series MB and MBD – from the study of advanced technological solutions, to the craftsmanship of every detail. The MB series has a capacity of up to 1,500 b/h, while the MBD series has a capacity of up to 3,000 b/h. Our monobloc machines were developed and are being developed in cooperation with our customers and their technologists. They are designed for bottles from 10ml – 500ml depending on the requirements. Suitable for most liquid products such as syrups, drops, perfumes, shampoos, injection solutions, brandy, tinctures, etc.

What is monoblock made out of?

The monoblock is made of a stable supporting structure and frame made of stainless steel with plexiglass. The machine is compact – the construction of the machine is smaller and allows the installation of the machine in a clean room of smaller dimensions, as well as the installation of a smaller laminar chamber above the monoblock, which makes it financially more profitable for the customer. In the basic version, monoblock machines are equipped with piston pumps. The dosing principle is volumetric, that is. a defined volume is dosed. Reciprocating pumps are constructed using three clamp connectors, so they are easily disassembled and enable faster and easier maintenance.

Management of the work process via PLC

 Progressive raising and lowering of the dosing tubes. Installation of shutters in the passage or installation with a cylinder, pick and place. We suggest an appropriate system of orientation and selection of fasteners depending on the type of fastener. The closing of the shutter is done via a servo motor with the detection of the closing moment. All functions performed by the machine such as transporting bottles, closures, placement of closures, execution of functions, etc. are monitored by the corresponding sensor subsystem. Management of the work process via PLC, with built-in SIEMENS HMI. The best materials ensure maximum quality and high accuracy. Accurate mechanical and electrical instructions, material certificates. Quick and easy change of parts when switching from format to format.


Discarding incorrect bottles
Dosing via mass meters
Dosing via magnetic meters
Weight control system that measures the empty bottle at the entrance and measures the filled bottle at the exit with feedback in terms of correction of the dosing system (checkweighing)
Infeed table at the entrance for automatic replenishment of empty packaging and collection table for the finished product
Validation documentation of IQ and OQ
Monitoring system (remote access to the management and control systems of the machine)
Ink jet printer
Inspection system for correct placement of the shutter and inspection of the presence of the label and print of the Ink Jet printer (with a mechanism for rejecting incorrect bottles)