Process equipment

The primary area of ​​Omniprojekt is the production of packaging equipment, but due to the needs of the market, Omniprojekt has also partially entered process production

Integrated solutions for technological process and product packaging

Previous experiences in the development of integrated solutions have shown a qualitative difference, creating an environment for our clients to use their full potential in the field of their business. Thanks to our 30 years of experience in packaging technology, we at Omniprojekt truly understand the processes and challenges faced by our customers from the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.

From standard to special solutions, all Omniprojekt technology is designed to meet optimal standards of hygiene and quality, while at the same time operating efficiently and sustainably. Our technical expertise is complemented by project management, planning and cost control services to help our customers achieve flexible and cost-effective production.

Mixer homogenizer for liquid, creamy, pasty and viscous products

It is used for vacuum mixing, dispersion and homogenization of media, from light-liquid to pasty form

Mixer homogenizer MH-15
Mixer homogenizer MH-50
Mixer homogenizer MH-100

Powder product mixers

It is used for mixing powdery or fine-grained materials into a homogeneous mass according to the customer’s desired recipe.

Cube shape mixer
“V” mixer
Planetary mixer

Coffee roaster

It is intended for roasting granular materials, primarily coffee, but also for roasting peanuts, sunflowers, soybeans, barley, etc.

MPK 1 (charge 1 kg/h)
MPK 5 (charge 5 kg/h)
MPK 15 (charge 15 kg/h)
MPK 20 (charge 20 kg/h)
MPK 30 (charge 60 kg/h)
MPK 60 (charge 120 kg/h)
MPK 120 (charge 240 kg/h)


Send us your requests for some of your old favorites or brand new recipes that you want to express your uniqueness in the market. It’s a great start to creating mutual success.

Technical support

Spare parts

Not all replacement parts are the same. We guarantee high availability of spare parts

Service on the field

In case of unplanned downtime, our service team provides emergency interventions

Modernizing equipment

Extending working life, meeting new standards, improving equipment performance.

Remote support

Our service team can contact the servers on the machines and intervene in real time 24/7

Professional consultation

Our engineers will be happy to provide you with examples of good practice and added value

Maximizing of equipment

Performance enhancement during design, commissioning and regular production.