Coffee roasters – coffee roasting machines

The coffee roasting machine is intended for roasting granular materials, primarily for roasting coffee, and then for roasting peanuts, sunflowers, soybeans, barley… The roasting technology in the MPK-60 coffee roasting machine is simple, easy to control and guarantees constant roasting quality.

The machine has 4 electric motor drives

Drum drive for roasting coffee
Smoke fan
Coffee cooling fan
Coffee cooling table drive

Omniprojekt produces three types of roasters

MPK 1 (load 1 kg/h)
MPK 5 (load 5 kg/h)
MPK 15 (load 15 kg/h)
MPK 20 (load 20 kg/h)
MPK 30 (load 60 kg/h)
MPK 60 (load 120 kg/h)
MPK 120 (load 240 kg/h)

Each of the fryers is designed with adequate power of the heater and adequate power of electric motor drives.