Celebration of 30 years of work

The company Omniprojekt marked its great jubilee, 3 decades of successful work, with a gala event at the Zepter Hotel, in the presence of around three hundred friends, partners, customers, suppliers and employees.

Vrnjačka Banja, October 12, 2023 – On the occasion of the anniversary “30 years of Omni Projekt”, one of the leaders in the design, construction, production and assembly of equipment for filling and packaging in Serbia, Omniprojekt from Vrnjačka Banja, organized in the Crystal Hall of Hotel Zepter , a meeting with its partners in the form of a gala event, entitled: PREVIOUS COOPERATION HAS BEEN AN INTEGRAL PART OF GROWTH AND SUCCESS IN THE LAST THREE DECADES. CHEERS TO AN EVEN MORE SUCCESSFUL FUTURE!”

“We used the presence of our friends and partners to inform them about the latest achievements of Omni Projekt”, Branko Babić, director and owner of the company, said that evening. “We reminded them that Omniprojekt designs its electrical control systems for its machines and lines with its own software, using components from Western manufacturers, that a young team of Omni engineers works on the development of prototype machines, as well as on the constant improvement and optimization of the standard production program.”

About three hundred present dignitaries from the country and abroad agreed that such an organization would not be embarrassed even in front of the events of the world’s largest consortia. After the welcome drink and meeting with “old friends”, the guests attended a festive multimedia program with the participation of renowned guests from the fields of culture, art, business and public life. By using modern telecommunication equipment, they were taken by virtual image to the production capacities of Omni’s factory, as well as to online partners from other continents.

In his address, Zvonko Tufegdžić, director of the Republic Chamber of Commerce for the Moravian and Raška administrative districts, pointed out that Omniprojekt is not only among the leading business systems in our region, but also an example of good practice in the field of mechanical engineering, as well as a guide for smaller companies in direction they should develop. Dr. Mile Savković, dean and full professor of the Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering from Kraljevo, pointed out that since its establishment, the faculty has actively cooperated with the economy, and the relationship with Omniprojekt is a great example, due to numerous successfully implemented projects.

The guests present were not deprived of the gastronomic and musical experience of the famous Vrnjak taverns, which are synonymous with quality and satisfaction through the perfect combination of domestic and international cuisine.

“It is not usual for a tourist destination to develop factories for the production of machines at the world level, but I have to boast that Omniprojekt is one of several brilliant collectives operating in the spa,” said Boban Đurović, president of the Vrnjačka Banja municipality, from the speaker.

The “third half” was provided by the Barracuda band with surprise guests, along with selected wines from the local Grabak winery and the Peđoni distillery. The song and dance lasted until midnight, and the hosts and guests scheduled the next meeting on the anniversary in five years.

A TV report prepared by the Vrnjačka Radio-TV team
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Shots from the celebration: Welcome Drink and Festive Event
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