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We design, construct, manufacture and assemble machines and complete lines for filling and packing different types of products in different types of packaging. For our machines and lines, we design the electrical control system ourselves with our own software, with the installation of components from the world’s leading manufacturers.

See the solutions we have created since 1992 and our large portfolio for the development of machines for packaging liquid and solid products

© Liquid filler – Zorka Agrotehnochem, Šabac
New Industry 4.0 technology

We apply the latest technology in the field of electronics and servo-controlled drivers. We create special software that is used in solutions on our machines

Robust and dynamic mechanics

Mechanical solutions allow our machines to be flexible, efficient and precise, even in complex formats that work at high performance and high speed.

Real-time remote control

We install remote access systems as standard on machines, which enables our expert team to manage and monitor remotely, without the need to come to the customer’s facility.

Integration into automatic lines

We offer our comprehensive product portfolio, consisting of consulting, software, machinery and service. In this way, we provide packaging solutions tailored to the customer

© Monoblock for liquid filling


Monoblock is an automatic, flexible system of the carousel type, for dosing various types of products and sealing them in various types of glass, PVC or metal packaging.

Liquid form Monoblock
Powder form Monoblock
Monoblock for creamy products in tubes and boxes
© Automatic syrup packaging line – Replekfarm, Macedonia

Automatic Line Fillers

The automatic line is a reliable system of connected machines for various operations in the liquid packaging process (washing machines, sterilization modules, fillers, setters, sealers, labelers, laserjet, etc.).

© Automatic vertical packing machine for packing coffee beans – Dukat, Banja Luka

Pouch Machines

The automatic vertical form fill and seal machines (AVP) are a fully automatic machines of the new generation, made of stainless steel, for accurate, fast and efficient dosing of powdery or granular products into self-forming bags

Packaging of powdered forms
Packaging of granular forms
© Unipak for packing sugar in 4-weld bags

Unipack Machines

Unipak – Sachet Filler & Packaging Machines are compact machines for dosing powdery, liquid, creamy, or pasty products into bags with 4 seams, that are automatically formed during packaging.

Packaging of powdered forms
Packaging of liquid and creamy forms
© Semi-automatic canister filler – Hemofarm, Vršac

Semi-automatic Machines

Very often, our customers turned to us with a request for cheaper equipment with smaller capacities. This is how semi-automatic machines were created that reliably perform packaging operations.

SA Fillers with 2 dosing points for bottles or canisters
SA Capping or Labelling machines
SA Dispensers for granules or powder forms
SA Lines for creams or pastes
SA Machines tailored to customer specifications
© Mixer homogenizer 120l – Maribor, Slovenia

Processing Equipment

The primary area of ​​Omniprojekt is the production of packaging equipment, but due to the needs of the market, Omniprojekt has also entered process production over time.

Mixer Homogenizer
Mixer Tumblers
Reactors, Process Vessels And Premix Vessels
Coffee Roasters

Why Omniprojekt?

Maximum quality and high accuracy – The best materials and built-in components
Industry 4.0 technology in the field of electronics and servo-controlled drivers.
Precision, even when working at high performance and high speed
Real-time remote control – management and supervision without visiting the customer
Minimal downtime – availability of spare parts, remote control of the machine
Modularity – quick and easy replacement of parts when switching to another format
Complete consulting, software, machines and services – solutions tailored to the customer
Accurate mechanical and electrical instructions + material certificates.

Manufacturers of components installed in Omniprojekt machines:

Programmable controllers – Siemens.EU
HMI devices – Siemens.EU, Kinco
Protective elements (fuses, motor protectors) – ABB, Eaton
Servo drivers – Schneider Electric, Siemens
Frequency regulators – Schneider Electric, Danfoss
Sensors – Balluff
Buttons, switches, indicators – EATON, Schneider Electric
Electromotors – Siemens.EU
Reducers (permanently lubricated) – Motovario.EU
Bearings and guides – INA ili SKF
Pneumatics – Camozzi i Festo
Stainless steel materials – Krupp (sa atestom)
Screws, snap fasteners – Wurth.EU
Bags and pouches

During the automatic packaging process, bags are formed from flat, rolled sheet material from a roll, which allows for the production of a wide range of bag shapes and sizes. (for liquid, creamy, powdery, granular and other products)


Our equipment packs both standard and customized packaging equally efficiently: glass and PE bottles up to 250ml, bottles in the food and petrochemical industry and bottles for household chemicals (for liquid, creamy, viscous, etc. products)

Jars, boxes and tubes

Manufacturers and sellers of creamy and pasty food or cosmetic products use jars and tubes because they make it easier for the consumer to use the product with less waste and extend the shelf life of the product.

Bins and barrels

Barrels, bins and canisters are the most popular option for industrial storage today, as they offer excellent customer benefits: They are a particularly suitable option for storing food products in the consumer food and beverage supply chain.


Improving the business of our customers, we have created machines that contribute to the development of the pharmaceutical industry and specialize in machines that meet the GMP standard


Food packaging must present the product attractively at the point of sale and maintain the quality of the product in a safe and sanitary manner until the moment of use.


As a rule, conditions in the chemical industry are difficult, and packaging equipment has special requirements, which cannot be fulfilled by “standard solutions”.


In the petrochemical industry, including product packaging (from corrosive powders to viscous oils), the most important thing is the continuous and reliable operation of all modules within the line.


Within the diverse range of products from the cosmetics sector, Omniprojekt offers the most modern technologies, while following future developments


Machines for automating the process of packaging products in construction include: machines for dosing, closing, wrapping, labeling, palletizing, etc.

Spare parts

Not all replacement parts are the same. We guarantee high availability of spare parts

Service on the field

In case of unplanned downtime, our service team provides emergency interventions

Modernizacija opreme

Extending working life, meeting new standards, improving equipment performance.

Remote support

Our service team can contact the servers on the machines and intervene in real time 24/7

Professional consultations

Our engineers will be happy to provide you with examples of good practice and added value

Maximizing equipment

Performance enhancement during design, commissioning and regular production.

Most popular machines


A reliable system for precise dosing of creams and pastes in aluminum or PVC tubes, especially suitable for young companies with small production runs


Compact machine for dispensing liquid, creamy or pasty products into a bag with 4 seams that is automatically formed during packaging.


A reliable system of connected machines – washing machines, sterilization modules, fillers, setters, sealers and labelers

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