Efficient packaging without interruptions in the work process

It is important to our customers not only to have the best technology, but also to have a machine manufacturer that reacts quickly to any unforeseen event, in order to minimize downtime in the packaging process

Always available, always at your service

The value of packaging equipment is, among other things, significantly determined by whether spare parts, service or reconstruction and modifications are provided during its lifetime. Our professional service team for sales and after-sales support is available 20 hours, and you will get a reply within 2 working hours. By phone or video, the technical team provides services according to the customer’s working hours, so you can contact us if the machine has any difficulties in operation.

In the context of Industry 4.0, Omniprojekt machines have an online support system for managing, or adjusting the customer’s production parameters remotely.

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Our machine life model

Initial service

Maximum from the beginning
Immediately after commissioning the machine, our team will help you get the maximum results from your equipment. We immediately become your support for the future life of the equipment: we organize your operators, transfer knowledge to them, train them and support them in their work, so that you have trouble-free work and impeccable service

Service during operation

Long working life
Regular maintenance is not an expense, it is an investment. With regular preventive and corrective activities, your equipment maintains high performance, reliability and quality, and thus a long service life. For this purpose, we provide you with spare parts and quick interventions.

Life extension

An investment that never gets old
In order for your equipment to always be modern even after several decades, we will work with you in the future as we do now. In order for your investment to meet the latest market requirements, we will work with you to modernize and upgrade the equipment to achieve the highest performance.

Consulting for the purpose of superstructure

Forever together
For us, your progress is the measure of our success, so it is important for us to know your goals, research your risks and find tools for your business. That’s why we will propose you occasional visits, in order to find together solutions to improve the efficiency of your packaging equipment.

Proactive services

Services that precede the purchase of equipment

Consultations with potential customers
Installation planning and solution design
Testing of packaging in the development center
Reactive services

Services within the sales contract

Training and instruction
Online maintenance, monitoring and interventions
Follow-up services

Services after the realization of the contract

Supply of spare parts
Reconstruction of the machine
Modernization of electrical control systems

Own service organization with specially trained technicians

Our service department has the competence, expertise and experience to perform a wide range of tasks, from technical documentation, installation and renovation of existing equipment, to relocation of entire lines and training of technical staff and operators.

Real-time problem solving

Remote support

In emergency situations, we can intervene online remotely. Moreover, we can solve many problems in a short time without coming to you – from our office in Vrnjačka Banja. It minimizes your downtime and delays, you don’t have unnecessary costs and you increase your profit.

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© Call center for regular or urgent communication with clients

What does remote support bring you?

Reduced downtime, because you are not waiting for servicemen to arrive and stop the production process for the slightest malfunction
Savings, because the equipment is quickly returned to working condition
Fast and accurate remote diagnoses, thanks to the visual support of high-speed cameras
Initiating the support process:
Based on operational information obtained directly from your machines, our experts at Omniprojekt are able to carry out real-time, remote defection, adjustment or troubleshooting.
Communication during the support process:
Internet connection allows us to proactively access the interface, control systems, cameras or scanners in your machine. In addition, we can answer all your questions through audio-visual calls.

Why Omniprojekt?

Maximum quality and high accuracy – The best materials and built-in components
Industry 4.0 technology in the field of electronics and servo-controlled drivers.
Precision, even when working at high performance and high speed
Real-time remote control – management and supervision without visiting the customer
Minimal downtime – availability of spare parts, remote control of the machine
Modularity – quick and easy replacement of parts when switching to another format
Complete consulting, software, machines and services – solutions tailored to the customer
Accurate mechanical and electrical instructions + material certificates.

Manufacturers of components installed in Omniprojekt machines:

Programmable controllers – Siemens.EU
HMI devices – Siemens.EU, Kinco
Protective elements (fuses, motor protectors) – ABB, Eaton
Servo drivers – Schneider Electric, Siemens
Frequency regulators – Schneider Electric, Danfoss
Sensors – Balluff
Buttons, switches, indicators – EATON, Schneider Electric
Electromotors – Siemens.EU
Reducers (permanently lubricated) – Motovario.EU
Bearings and guides – INA ili SKF
Pneumatics – Camozzi i Festo
Stainless steel materials – Krupp (sa atestom)
Screws, snap fasteners – Wurth.EU
Bags and pouches

During the automatic packaging process, bags are formed from flat, rolled sheet material from a roll, which allows for the production of a wide range of bag shapes and sizes. (for liquid, creamy, powdery, granular and other products)


Our equipment packs both standard and customized packaging equally efficiently: glass and PE bottles up to 250ml, bottles in the food and petrochemical industry and bottles for household chemicals (for liquid, creamy, viscous, etc. products)

Jars, boxes and tubes

Manufacturers and sellers of creamy and pasty food or cosmetic products use jars and tubes because they make it easier for the consumer to use the product with less waste and extend the shelf life of the product.

Bins and barrels

Barrels, bins and canisters are the most popular option for industrial storage today, as they offer excellent customer benefits: They are a particularly suitable option for storing food products in the consumer food and beverage supply chain.


Improving the business of our customers, we have created machines that contribute to the development of the pharmaceutical industry and specialize in machines that meet the GMP standard


Food packaging must present the product attractively at the point of sale and maintain the quality of the product in a safe and sanitary manner until the moment of use.


As a rule, conditions in the chemical industry are difficult, and packaging equipment has special requirements, which cannot be fulfilled by “standard solutions”.


In the petrochemical industry, including product packaging (from corrosive powders to viscous oils), the most important thing is the continuous and reliable operation of all modules within the line.


Within the diverse range of products from the cosmetics sector, Omniprojekt offers the most modern technologies, while following future developments


Machines for automating the process of packaging products in construction include: machines for dosing, closing, wrapping, labeling, palletizing, etc.

Do you want more information about our products, or to supplement the existing packaging line?

Our expert team will be happy to get involved in the consultation process for your new or existing equipment.