Support, technical service and maintenance

It is important for our customers not only to have the best technology, but also to have a machine manufacturer that reacts quickly to any unforeseen event, in order to minimize downtime in the packaging process

Always available, always at your service

Synonymous with trust and reliability

The value of packaging equipment is, among other things, significantly determined by whether spare parts, service or reconstruction and modifications are provided during its lifetime. Our professional service team for sales and after-sales support is available 20 hours, and you will get a reply within 2 working hours. By phone or video, the technical team provides services according to the customer’s working hours, so you can contact us if the machine has any difficulties in operation.

Range of service services:

Our goal is for our clients to have the best possible results

Proactive services

– Consultations with potential customers
– Installation planning and solution design
– Dosing and packaging tests in the development center

Reactive services

– Commissioning
– Training and instructions
– Online maintenance, monitoring and interventions

After sale services

– Supply of spare parts (also for older models)
– Reconstruction of machines and formats
– Modernization of electrical control systems

Support organization

Our service department with specially trained technicians has the competence, expertise and experience to perform a wide range of tasks, from technical documentation, installation and renovation of existing equipment, to relocation of entire lines and training of technical staff and operators. Our experts even provide services on equipment that is not manufactured by us, in order to provide you with optimal support for the operation of your equipment at full capacity.

Technical support

Spare parts

Not all replacement parts are the same. We guarantee high availability of spare parts

Service on the field

In case of unplanned downtime, our service team provides emergency interventions

Modernizing equipment

Extending working life, meeting new standards, improving equipment performance.

Remote support

Our service team can contact the servers on the machines and intervene in real time 24/7

Professional consultation

Our engineers will be happy to provide you with examples of good practice and added value

Maximizing of equipment

Performance enhancement during design, commissioning and regular production.

Service during the entire lifetime of the machine

Omniproject working life model

Real-time problem solving

How does Omniprojekt differ from the competition?

Based on operational information obtained directly from your machines, our experts at Omniprojekt are able to carry out real-time, remote defection, adjustment or troubleshooting. An Internet connection allows us to proactively access the interface, control systems, cameras or scanners in your machine. In addition, we can answer all your questions through audio-visual calls.

Reduced downtime
Fast and accurate remote diagnostics
Visual support using high-speed cameras
You don’t wait for the repairman to come to you
The equipment is quickly restored to working condition

In emergency situations, we can intervene remotely. Moreover, we can solve many problems in a short time without coming to your place. This minimizes downtime, delays and costs.

Are you interested in details about technical support?

Contact our service department