Monoblock MTB 1000 – for filling, closing and trimming PE tubes and filling and closing aluminum tubes

Monoblock machine MBT 1000 is used for filling PE/PVC tubes of pasty, creamy products 10-200ml, hot welding of tumes and trimming. Also, the construction of the monoblock is adapted for dosing and closing – lacing of aluminum tubes.

– Dosing through a dosing system with one dosing point
– Volumetric dosing principle (dosing of a defined volume)

The monoblock machine is a carousel type, with a capacity of up to 1000 tubes/hour, tube placement is done manually. The rotation control system brings the tube into the correct position and ensures the exact position of the graphic solution of the tube and positioning according to the marker.

The tube sockets are simply exchangeable format parts and are made according to any tube diameter. The incremental movement of the carousel brings the tubes to the positions where dosing, tube tip heating, welding and tube tip trimming are performed when working with PE/PVC tubes. For aluminum tubes, after dosing, the tubes are guided to the pre-preparation position by rotation, and to the closing position – lacing. When dispensing and packing PVC/PE tubes, the modules used to close Al tubes are passive and vice versa.